What are our production deadlines?

You want to order a sink, a washbasin, a shower tray, copings, paving,….

We manufacture on demand and do not have stock of finished products, which allows us to offer you all possible options for your project.


What are the production deadlines for our standard products?

Sinks : about 4 weeks
Washbasins : about 4 weeks
Shower trays : about 4 weeks
Table tops : about 3-4 weeks
Pool coping stones : about 5 weeks
Paving, cobble stones : about 3 to 6 weeks
Old Burgundy slabs : about 7 to 8 weeks

For custom-made products : add 1 to 2 weeks to these average delivery times.

Deadlines are indicative and are usually effective from October to February.

In any case, the production time will be announced at the time of the offer and confirmed upon confirmation of your order. The delivery takes place the following week within a period of 48 to 96 hours depending on the destination.

We are doing everything possible to meet our commitments.

In case of urgent requirements do not hesitate to ask us for our exhibition products


Good to know :

In the spring and early summer, our production deadlines increase due to the high demand to meet our customers’ work forecasts.


Closure for holidays:

The workshop is closed for 3 weeks in August and 1 week at the end of the year.