Pavings, sinks, washbasins, pool curbstones, fountains, pavements, …

You are looking for an ecological product and quality ?
Choose our natural Burgundy stones !


Burgundy stone manufacturer, manufactured in Burgundy at 100%

Our products (sinks, washbasins, pavings, pool curbstones, fountains, fireplaces, pavements, …) are “Made in Bourgogne” and are in authentic French natural stones of Burgundy and are coming from our workshops in Burgundy.

Known for centuries for their hardness characteristics, color shades, durability, the Burgundy stones give our entire production unparalleled value and make unique products, durable and warm.

The Burgundy stone is ecological, economic, eternal and naturally beautiful.

Tradition in modernity

Our production comes from our workshop in Burgundy (Beaune-France), and made in the rules of the art of stone cutting. All our products are original, exclusive and exceptional.

We manufacture standard or custom-made in the same stones and finishes : sinks and kitchen tops, washbasins and washbasin tops, shower trays, pavings, pavements, staircases, fountains, pool curbstones, pillars, …

Thanks to our cutting edge technology we can quickly produce series for hotels, office buildings, bed and breakfast, … all the decorative elements in Burgundy stone.

France, Europe and all over the world

We ship in secure packaging with a 40-ton semi-trailer, a 19-ton truck with tailgate, or a 30-ton truck with a crane.

Why would you choose our Burgundy stones?

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During your order, from its validation until delivery to your home or the chosen location, you benefit from a follow-up with an appointed interlocutor and a direct call number. Before shipping our sink, washbasin, shower tray, kitchen tops,... in Burgundy stone you receive photos that allow you to validate the compliance of your order. We then make sure that your goods are properly received.
The  Burgundy stone products we manufacture for you are subject to rigorous quality monitoring and control points throughout the manufacturing process. Each of your custom orders is validated by plans prior to manufacturing. Before shipping your sink, washbasin, shower tray, kitchen top,...  you receive photos that allow you to validate the compliance of your order. We then make sure that your orders are properly received.  
Our products (sinks, washbasins, paving stones, fountains,...) are delivered everywhere in France and Europe by 19-ton trucks with tailgate, 40-ton semi-trailer, or 30-tone trucks equipped with crane. Our packaging is secure to ensure you receive your order  in Burgundy stone without damage. We deliver everywhere in France and Europe. Pickup at our workshop for any other destination... >> Read more