How to maintain our paving ?

How to maintain and enhance our natural stone paving ?

Well-maintained paving improves over time. Indeed, a paving in Burgundy limestone has the particularity of developing a patina over time with simple and non-aggressive maintenance by creating a natural protection layer called carbonation.

For your interior, maintenance of your paving is simple: you should vacuum and then wash the floor with water, supplemented with a neutral washing agent like Deterquot. You can use Detercal for a thorough clean once a month.
You can also alternate with well-diluted savon noir (black soap) in a bucket of warm water once in a while. Be careful not to do it too often because some black soaps are quite greasy and can clog up the paving.

Outside, we recommend Determousse which you should apply once or twice in the spring to remove any moss and slow down its emergence.


A treated floor

An interior or exterior Burgundy limestone floor that has been treated is easier to maintain resists stains from forming. To find out if your floor has been treated or if you would like to apply a water/oil repellent product see the maintenance and protection section in our website