How to maintain and enhance the natural stone in your kitchen?

Protect and clean Burgundy limestone in your kitchen

Maintenance :

Burgundy natural limestone in your kitchen (sinks, kitchen worktops) is easily maintained using clear water and a detergent product with neutral PH (Deterquot)
You can occasionally alternate with savon noir (black soap) diluted in warm water.

Precautions to be taken:

All our products (sinks, kitchen worktops…) are protected with water/oil repellent (see here>> our range of protection products)..

This does not mean that all stains are entirely prevented. Water/oil repellent product is only an absorption shield.
It lets the stone breathe which allows it to create with time its own protective layer, which is called carbonation: the surface is hardened with time by the simple fact of cleaning your stone regularly with a sponge and water.
Do not forget that there is no product that blocks 100% of the porosity of natural stone.


Beware of anti-limescale products

Remember that stone from Burgundy is a limestone!
It is therefore necessary to avoid any anti-limescale product (Vikal, Antikal, CilitBang, Cif,…).


Use neutral detergents for natural stone

You should therefore use products that respect the nature of the stone and thereby your living environment by eliminating any detergent derived from the petro-chemical industry.

You can use well diluted bleach to disinfect.

Stone is easy to maintain and will bring you great satisfaction provided you respect its nature!


A protective and maintenance kit suitable for the kitchen and bathroom

To make sure you don’t go wrong, we recommend that you use our kitchen and bathroom maintenance kit for sinks, washbasins, shower trays,… in natural stone.