Delivery – What you need to know

Your order delivered safely

Our products (sinks, washbasins, paving, pool coping…) are delivered everywhere (or almost) by 19-ton truck with tailgate, 40-ton semi-trailer or 30-ton truck with crane depending on the location in France.

Our years of experience allow us to make secure packaging in order to be sure you receive your order without damage.

We deliver throughout France, Europe and elsewhere.


Delivery deadlines :

Our carriers undertake to deliver anywhere in France under 48 to 96 hours depending on accessibility and region.
For delivery deadlines in Europe, please consult us.
After dispatch of your order fro the workshop, the carrier contacts you directly by phone to fix with you the day and the time slot of the delivery.
You can also collect your order directly or with your own carrier from our workshop (21700 Comblanchien).
Please be aware : orders cannot be picked up in our showrooms at Carrières-sur-Seine, Toulon-La Crau and Orange, they are exclusively available at our workshop in Comblanchien (Burgundy)


Delivery costs:

For sinks, washbasins, shower trays, table tops, pool coping, and so on…, you can easily calculate your own shipping costs on our online store.
To do that, we invite you to register and simulate an order by adding your products in the basket.
For paving, we suggest that you contact us.


How does the delivery take place?

The orders are packed on one or more secure pallets, the size of each of them is adapted according to each product.
The pallet weight can vary from 40 kg (washbasin) to 1.1 tons (22 sqm of paving).
The delivery truck (19 tons) must be able to easily maneuver and access the unloading area.
The pallets are lowered from the truck thanks to tailgate and can be transported with a manual pallet truck to the first obstacle (sidewalk, stair walk,…).
The unloading area behind the truck must bear the weight of your order. It must be in hard and firm materials such as asphalt (tar) or concrete (no gravel or grass) and should not include steps.
Be advised that a loaded pallet (up to 1.2 tons) will not be unloaded on sloping ground.