Walls in Burgundy limestone

Discover our range in Burgundy limestones for building walls or wall cladding, natural or split.

Burgundy limestone, ideal to give character to your landscaping.

Burgundy limestones for building walls are made on demand and are offered in 2 formats (height 6-9 cm or 10-14 cm) or even in wall cladding (thickness 2,5 cm – tolerance +-0,5 cm) to dress your existing walls indoor or outdoor.

Burgundy limestone for wall building is in golden-ocher colour and adds an extra touch to your landscaping. The uses are multiple, walls obviously, but also around a pool, delimitation for herbaceous borders or vineyards …

In wall cladding, 2 finishes are available either natural (golden-ochre colour) or split (light beige colour). You can choose the blend you want according to your tastes or your budget, for example 30% natural and 70% split.

Think also about our wall tops to finetune your wall building. Our wall tops are available in Lanvignes and Semond

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Walls in Burgundy limestoneWalls in Burgundy limestones

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