Bastion – Double bowls

Bastion – Double bowls - Width 140 cm
Bastion sink in Burgundy stone - Double bowls


Protection treatment

An invisible water/oil repellent product is applied on all our sinks, washbasins, shower trays,... in our workshop.  You can buy our protection and maintenance product for the durability of your stone here>>

Ø of the bung hole made on demand

We can make on demand a hole for classic bung (60 mm) or for a bung with waste basket (90 mm).

Countersunk recess underneath to fix the tap
This recess (invisible) is made under the tap hole, below the sink. It allows mixers with built-in spray to be fixed, for example, or a fitting whose thread does not have to be lengthened (taps with tube).

Grooves for drainer

All our models of sinks with drainers are made without grooves. We can make these grooves on demand.

Additional holes
We can make the holes on demand according to your faucets (shower head, mixing valve...).

Recess under drainer
The option "recess" allows, according to the model, to decrease by 40% the total weight of the sink.