FUNERARY MONUMENTS - Tombstone, cross, headstone, grave marker... in Burgundy limestone

Natural stones from Burgundy in the world of funeral monuments

Alternative to granite or marble, we make all our funeral monuments and funerary accessories with 4 natural stones of Burgundy : Comblanchien Clair, Comblanchien Légèrement Moucheté or in Lanvignes Golden Yellow and Semond Blended (stones of the area of Châtillon sur Seine). Because of their aesthetic quality and durability, these 4 stones that are Geographical Indication – Natural Stones from Burgundy are particularly suitable for funeral and cinerary use.

Many tombs have been made of Comblanchien stone in prestigious cemeteries: Père Lachaise cemetery, Montmartre cemetery but also in many village cemeteries especially of course in Burgundy-Franche Comté. Indeed, the Comblanchien stone is recognized by the stone cutters as the reference in natural limestone for the cutting and shaping of funerary monuments.

A wide selection of funerary monuments and funeral accessories

We are a Burgundy stone manufacturer. All our creations are made on demand in our stone-cutting workshop in Burgundy (Comblanchien-France) next to the quarries. All our finishes are handmade, making unique pieces.

As a manufacturer, we manufacture in our workshop custom tombstones, stone crosses, headstone, colombarium, cinerary monument, grave marker, books, stone parchment, heart, grave front, planter…

Do not hesitate to ask us for all your specific projects of classical or personalized funerary monument, chapel, family vault, cinerary column, funeral ornamentation…

We serve individuals as well as funeral professionals (funeral home) as well as communities or town halls (monuments to the dead, war monument, crosses on public square…). Delivery anywhere in Europe directly to the burial site (entrance to the cemetery) or to the funeral company that will manage the set up.

Tombstone in natural stone - LanvignesGrave marker in natural stoneHeadstone in natural stoneColumbarium in natural stoneEngraving - Natural stone commemorative plaqueGrave marker stoneCross in natural stone - TombstoneTomb in natural stoneFunerary - Columbarium in natural stoneGranite Comblanchien Clair - Tombs and Funeral MonumentsComblanchian Légèrement Moucheté Granite - Tombs and Funeral Monuments

Ornements in Burgundy limestoneChevalet pour plaque
Columbarium in Burgundy limestoneColumbarium
Cross in Burgundy limestoneCross
Grave marker in Burgundy limestoneGrave marker
Ornements in Burgundy limestoneGravure funéraire
Headstone in Burgundy limestoneHeadstone
Ornements in Burgundy limestoneJardinière funéraire
Cinéraire in Burgundy limestoneMonument cinéraire
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestoneMonument funéraire
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestoneMonument funéraire Double
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestonePierre tombale
avec jardinière
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestonePierre tombale
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestoneSemelle
Monuments funéraires in Burgundy limestoneSoubassement
Tombstone in Burgundy limestoneTombstone