BUILDING – Frames, dormers, pillars,... in Burgundy limestone

Discover our building : frames, dormers, oculus, pillars, columns, … in Burgundy limestone (natural stone)

All our products are manufactured on demand in our workshop in Burgundy, all our original finishes (rustic, chiselled/bush-hammered,…) are  made in compliance with the traditional rules of stone cutting

We can manufacture according to your dimensions. Feel free to send us a drawing, a picture or a sketch,,…

Baluster in Burgundy limestoneBaluster
Base for poles in Burgundy limestoneBase for poles
Pillar in Burgundy limestoneBel Air
Bollard in Burgundy limestoneBollard
Column in Burgundy limestoneColumn
Cornice in Burgundy limestoneCornice
Dormers in Burgundy limestoneDormers
Building in Burgundy limestoneEdging stones
Frames in Burgundy limestoneFrame
Gutter in Burgundy limestoneGutter
Pillar in Burgundy limestoneMerceuil
Oculus in Burgundy limestoneOculus
Stone grate in Burgundy limestoneStone grate
Stone veneer corner in Burgundy limestoneStone veneer corner
Tactile slab in Burgundy limestoneTactile slab
Threshold - Window sill in Burgundy limestoneThreshold – Window sill
Tombstone in Burgundy limestoneTombstone

“PGI Burgundy limestone – Pierre de Bourgogne”, officially registered by a Geographical Indication since June 29, 2018!

"PGI Burgundy Limestone" Burgundy Limestone - Pierre de Bourgogne was officially granted a Geographical Indication on 29 June…
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Delivery – What you need to know

Your order delivered safely Our products (sinks, washbasins, paving, pool coping...) are delivered everywhere (or almost) by 19-ton…
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Encadrement de fenêtre en pierre de Bourgogne
Chapeau de pilier en pierre - Bel-Air
Paire de piliers en pierre
Borne en pierre ancienne
Corniche droite évidée en pierre naturelle
Bandeau de pierre en façade et corniche moulurée - Pierre naturelle de Bourgogne
Seuil de porte en pierre naturelle - Pierre de Lanvignes
Lucarne en pierre de Bourgogne
Perron d'escalier en pierre
Tranche en pierre naturelle
Bloc de pierre naturelle
Dalle podotactile en pierre
Chaine d'angle en pierre naturelle
Caniveau en pierre naturelle
Clé de voute en pierre avec gravure

Stone and frost zones in France

The areas of frost in France: the questions that arise...   > Can I lay stone outdoors? Yes…
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What are our production deadlines?

You want to order a sink, a washbasin, a shower tray, copings, paving,.... We manufacture on demand and…
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Why choose our Burgundy limestones ?

Burgundy limestone, naturally universal Resulting from the richness of the soil and worked in Burgundy according to ancestral…
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