About us

Tradition and modernity

We are a Burgundy limestone manufacturer of all items in stones for the house (inside and outside) for nearly a decade.

In the heart of Burgundy

Located in Comblanchien in the heart of Burgundy wine region and close to the famous quarries, rich in its architectural and cultural heritage, Le comptoir des Pierres remains faithful to the tradition of builders and stonemasons.

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Since 2008

Our workshop is equipped with both traditional and technological tools (CNC digital tools) to perform very high quality shaping, and provide the most accurate work and originality to all your projects.

The heavy parts we manufacture are each cut, finished and tested in every detail before being shipped everywhere in the world.

When tradition meets high technology

Our company, at the cutting edge of modernity, brings to all its achievements elegance and refinement, and in compliance with the rules of the art of the stone cutting.

Sinks, kitchen worktops, washbasins, shower trays, pool copings, fountains,… and our wide range of paving and cobble stones in Burgundy limestone, in standard or custom-made formats, will enhance your interior, courtyards and gardens and will give your environment a unique, timeless and warm character.

Usinage 3D en commande numérique de pièces de puits en pierre de Bourgogne
Tranches débitées de pierre de Bourgogne
Usinage d'une statue de Saint Vincent en pierre de Bourgogne
Atelier de production en Bourgogne
Finition de marches massives en pierre de Bourgogne
Usinage de plans de cuisine en pierre de Bourgogne
Tournage de balustres en pierre de Bourgogne
Usinage d'un départ d'escalier massif en pierre de Bourgogne
Quality, know-how and manufacturing made in France

We are manufacturer-producer in France, we defend the tradition and know-how made in France acquired for centuries by the “Compagnons” (French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Age). It’s the guarantee of quality.

Find us and see our products

4 exhibition locations will allow you to see and realize, but also to touch and appreciate the sensuality and the rendering of this noble and living matter that is the natural stone from Burgundy.

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Our commitments


All our products are manufactured in massive natural stones from Burgundy We have carefully selected them to guarantee you the best quality.
All of our finishes are hand-made which makes each piece unique.


We select ourselves our stone blocks directly in different quarries near our workshop (basins of Châtillonnais, Côte de Beaune, Tonnerrois,…). We reduce supply and transportation costs to ensure you get the fairest price
You will find the main prices of our products in standard sizes (kitchen, bath, pool copings, cobble stones,…) directly on our online store.


If you don’t find the product you want in standard sizes, we manufacture of course from your specifications, plans and projects for any custom-made realization (kitchen, bathroom, building elements, fountains, pool copings, pillars, fountains, tiles,…).


Our location in the heart of the Burgundy quarries area allows us to reduce the pollution due to the transport of the raw material to the workshop.
Extraction cabins and a recycling water system in closed loop allow us to recover and reduce by more than 90% the dust present in the atmosphere emitted during the manufacture.
We recover by natural filtration and decantation all the stone remains coming from cutting, processing and finishings works. These products are today used for calcareous contribution in the surrounding fields (wineyards especially) 4 tons per weeks are thus recovered to be upgraded.


With our network of carrier companies, we ensure a delivery logistics across metropolitan France and Europe.
Our experience allows us to manage exports outside of Europe.

The Burgundy Limestone

Naturally beautiful

The Burgundy Limestone offers a wide array of colors and density : light beige, golden-yellow, brown, pink, ochre and in various finishes (honed, brushed, bush-hammered…).


The Burgundy Limestone is a real investment, it does not depreciates and will undoubtedly increase the value of your property.

Emission of VOC to air - A +Ecological

The natural stone is 100% and indefinitely recyclable. It does not emit VOC (volatile organic compounds). It obtains the A + ranking


The natural stones from Burgundy for the outdoors are for a large part non frost-riven The stone is looking better from year to year thanks to a simple and economical maintenance.

We wish you a good visit on our website and do not hesitate to consult us for any production request for one unit or in series, standard or custom-made.