Why choose our Burgundy limestones ?

Burgundy limestone, naturally universal

Resulting from the richness of the soil and worked in Burgundy according to ancestral know-how, Burgundy limestone is an integral part of the Burgundy and French historical and cultural heritage.

Chateaux, abbeys, churches, ramparts, mansions, manor houses, farms, … the original constructions are numerous in the towns and villages and testify to our cultural identity.

Timeless material that is constantly renewing itself, Burgundy limestone also participates in the evolution of urban landscapes.

New technologies and our creativity allow today a great choice of finishes, an optimized financial approach and great ease of maintenance.


What is Burgundy limestone ?

If we go back to the primary era, we must imagine a surface essentially made of granite (cooled magma). But under the tropical climate that prevailed, the region saw the arrival from the east a hot and agitated sea. The area was submerged for much of the secondary era before the sea gradually retreated, leaving behind sedimentary rocks that will determine soil composition.

The stone extracted from our Burgundian quarries comes from the different strata created by these sediment deposits. Eight levels locally make up the floors.

It is mainly in the Bajocian and Bathonian levels that we find, among other things, the oolitic limestones exploited in the quarries of Burgundy. From poor to rich in fossils they gradually compacted during the following eras in the Jurassic period.


Burgundy limestone and sustainable development

Noble and natural material, Burgundy limestone fits perfectly into a logic of sustainable development.

The commitment to rehabilitate quarries at the end of their operations is not the only parameter that goes into the logic of sustainable development and the environmental protection of Burgundy natural limestone.

The valorization of by-products of stone, the recycling of machining sludge, that of the water used in the workshops and the durability of the natural stone from Burgundy are also part of it. In addition, the stone generates very little waste or pollution during its shaping.

It does not require the addition of cement or other binder. This natural material, on the other hand, does not need any treatment or chemical input to ensure its viability.

The stone breathes, produces no toxic emissions. It offers a healthy environment inside the house. It absorbs moisture and promotes energy saving.

Its insulating qualities make it a temperature regulator, thus avoiding overconsumption of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Finally, it does not require any finishing product, producing a patina naturally over time, and water is its best ally to preserve its natural beauty.


Burgundy limestone,
naturally beautiful,
naturally timeless,
naturally natural.

Burgundy Stone and Geographical Indication

As an active member of the Association Stones of Burgundy we defend the creation and the establishment of a geographical indication protecting industrial and craft products (IGPIA) in order to secure the purchasers of the counterfeits and the usurpation which is the object of the natural stone from Burgundy.

This Geographical Indication will allow in future to guarantee the traceability of the products in Burgundy limestones and the know-how of all the actors of the sector whose production will be carried out on the defined area in Burgundy (4 departments: 21, 71 , 58 and 89).

These companies will be certified and checked annually by a control body and will carry an approval number.

The entire Burgundy limestone material will be tracked, a customer will be able to launch an investigation in case of doubt to check the traceability of the finished product to the block extracted from the quarry.
In the event of proven fraud by a reseller, it will be the DGCCRF (French fraud repression) that will be seized of the file because this will be like counterfeiting.

Today you find rogue traders who show Turkish Travertine for Burgundy limestone
Just look at the search engines of companies that advertise like LaPierreNaturelle.fr which is only an office in a pavilion in Isère doing the intermediary between a production unit of Travertine in Turkey and which displays without shame that it is Burgundy limestone or Francepierre Sud company that sells among other gray stone of Morocco by telling customers that it is Burgundy limestone – Pierre de Bourgogne.


Logo de l'indication géographique Pierre de Bourgogne [fond noir 260x260]


Tomorrow, this IG logo will be affixed on all the products manufactured by 100% Burgundian companies, certified and controlled, and will be the only guarantee that the product which you buy respects the precise specifications of the Geographical Indication Pierre de Bourgogne.

To be sure to buy real Burgundy Stone GI you will need to demand its presence.

And to be sure today what you are buying and the companies you want to work with, check with Association Pierre de Bourgogne.


Burgundy stone, naturally !