BATH - Washbasins, shower trays, jambs, wall covering in Burgundy stone

The Burgundy stone in the bathroom

Discover our collection of exclusive models of washbasins, shower trays, or wall covering in Burgundy stone for your bathroom.

Our washbasins, tops, shower trays and wall covering are manufactured on demand in our workshops in Burgundy, all our original finishes are handmade, making unique products .

Each of our washbasins is available in standard size or adapted to your measurements and can be made in all the stones proposed to meet your expectations.

We can of course make your bathroom tops tailor-made in the same stone and finish as the one of your washbasin.

We can also manufacture any washbasin or shower tray in custom made. Communicate us your dimensions.

Burgundy stone washbasin and credenzaBurgundy stone washbasinBurgundy stone washbasin - Château Smith Haut LafitteBurgundy stone washbasinBurgundy stone washbasinBurgundy stone basin on a solid oak top, wrought iron structureDouble tops and jambs in Burgundy stone - TV show DECO-M6Washbasins and tops in Burgundy stoneBurgundy stone shower trayBurgundy stone shower trayWashbasin, tops and shower tray in Burgundy stoneWashbasin and shower trays in Burgundy stone in a Parisian bathroom

Washbasin in Burgundy stoneCalvi
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneGoult
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneGoult – Double bowls
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneGrignan
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneLourmarin
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneNuits-Saint-Georges
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneNuits-Saint-Georges – Double bowls
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneOppio
Washbasin in Burgundy stonePernand
Washbasin in Burgundy stonePommard
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneSaint-Quentin
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneSaint-Rémy
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneSaint-Roman
Shower tray in Burgundy stoneShower tray – Classic
Shower tray in Burgundy stoneShower tray
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneUzès
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneValbonne
Washbasin in Burgundy stoneVence
Wall covering in Burgundy stoneWall covering

“Protected Geographical Area (PGI) Burgundy stone”, official since June 29, 2018!

"PGI Burgundy stone" The Burgundy Stone is officially Geographical Indication since June 29, 2018! The NIIP (National Institute…
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How to maintain and beautify natural stone in your bathroom?

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Standard or custom-made?

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The stone protection treatment

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Washbasin top to your measurements

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What are our production deadlines?

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Why choose our Burgundy stones ?

The Burgundy stone, naturally universal Resulting from the richness of the soil and worked in Burgundy according to…
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